About Kayla Michelle

Ever since I can remember, I have always had a passion for makeup. When I was little, some of my favorite memories are of my mom sitting cross-legged on the floor, dumping her bag of makeup on a towel. She would spend hours accentuating her most beautiful features and drawing on ‘Chola eyebrows’ (give it a Google for a smile). I loved the way she could rock the lip liner look in the early ’90s, and the way she would use a cocktail of mascaras to give her lashes the perfect ‘wow!’ factor. I, however, never actually really got into makeup application until my later high-school years, and even then, that consisted of phases of dripping gloss, mascara, and blush pinker than… well… whatever is super pink. While I’ve always appreciated makeup artistry, my own personal creative outlets were done with a brush on canvas, furniture, or drawing with a good ole pencil on paper.

That all changed when, in early 2016, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Due to the ever growing pain in my elbows, I stopped being able to paint furniture and large canvas. I decided to focus on learning to grow my makeup skills and eyeshadow details. I found I was able to make those quick short movements with no trouble and eventually, found myself creating unique makeup looks every single morning. Not only did I find confidence and peace designing and drawing cosmetic content, I found it was a form of therapy for me. It greatly helped my stress and my rheumatoid arthritis. I now wake up early every morning to do my face and warm up my finger joints from the every day stiffness of RA.

Looking forward, my goal is to teach others what I know, show various, creative ways of applying makeup, and educate about hygiene, skin care, cosmetic style, and trends. In doing makeup every day, I have also learned a thing or two about brands, products, and reasons why some products may or may not work for you. I love reviewing products and providing first impressions on new products.

If there’s anything else you’d like to know, or if you’re interested in collaborating with me, please do reach out and contact me. Thank you for visiting! I do hope you’ve enjoyed my site.

Kayla lives in the Phoenix, Arizona valley with her toddler son and her loving fiance’. Kayla loves the beauty of life itself and enjoys hiking, making art, photography, meeting new people, and having new experiences.

This website is purely for entertainment purposes and is not officially sponsored by any brands. However, Kayla would be interested in speaking with you if you’d like to be an affiliate, sponsor, or have a promotion.