Affiliates & Resources

Throughout my blog you may see active links in which I link to the products or websites I am discussing in my post. These links may be affiliate links, and sometimes I earn a small amount of income when you click on or purchase from those links. It always helps me out a little bit, and often you’re given either a promotion or small discount for being a referral of mine. Affiliate links, when included, will be disclosed in each blog post itself.

Here are some companies and resources that I like to partner with.

DHC is my favorite skin care company within the industry. I absolutely adore their products and can’t say enough good things about them! They are the #1 skin care company in Japan and are rapidly gaining popularity in the USA. A lot of their products are olive oil based, which is very gentle and healing for the skin. Please click the link below to get a special ‘new customer’ offer!

New Customer Offer – Buy Deep Cleansing Oil and get our Liquid Eyeliner EX FREE + Free Shipping. Limited time only! Claim Offer Here.

‘Lubov’ means “love” in Russian, and I really do love this independent cosmetics company! They sell all of their products on Etsy and are guaranteed to ship them to you within 3-5 business days. The coolest thing about them is that they are 100% cruelty-free, and 100% vegan friendly. They have lots of fun, shimmery colors, too! Check them out!

Pyxie is a dear friend of mine who blogs about skin care. She has been studying and researching skin care since she was 14. Now at 48 years old, she has 34 years of expertise under her belt! Please give her ‘skintastic’ blog a read!

Influenster is a really fantastic way to obtain free products to try out and review. Many companies use Influenster’s ‘Vox Box’ to get new products out on the market, or gain insight into peoples’ reactions on their latest lines or test products. If you love trying out new makeup, you need to sign up! It also allows you to give your opinions on other products you already love (or hate!). influnenster-Kayla

ipsy Open Studios is a groundbreaking new concept in beauty that champions the creator. They offer ready access to studio space and video production equipment, plus an extensive suite of mobile apps and technology resources. As such, ipsy makes it easy for beauty creators like me to hone their craft and stay savvy on what’s trending in digital media.


Other Friends Of The Blog

These companies have sponsored some of my social media posts by sending me products to try and review. Contributions to my social media posts are always appreciated, and I love partnering with brands to create series content, look tutorials, and more! If you are interested in sponsoring a post, please free to connect with me here.