I remember my first pimple. Yes, that’s exactly how this post is going to start.

I remember my first pimple, because I thought my skin was developing a disease. It was going to pop, and eight thousand little spiders were going to come crawling out of my face. No, wait. It was going to be a parasite worm that would have teeth. Yup. That was it. My life was going to be over. That worm was going to eat my grade school crush, and he was going to hate me (after he was eaten, of course, because how else do 5th graders think?) That’s how pimples feel. They feel like they are going to take control of your life, and you start to think that no one will ever be able to see the real you as long as you have them. I USED to think pimples were popping up on my face because I wasn’t washing it correctly. I thought if I scrubbed harder, they would scrape off like the popcorn ceiling of my grandmas house. I was wrong, and unfortunately, scrubbing harder only made my skin issues worse. Little did I know at that time that pimples would be the least of my skin issues. Some 19 years later, i’m more concerned with scarring, dullness, dryness, and WRINKLES. I’m worried about dehydrated skin, and age spots. We gotz dem issues, guys. (i’m still cool, duh).

If you nodded at the above mentioned problems, heck, if you nodded at even just one of the above mentioned problems, I have a solution for you. A one-stop shop for all problematic skin, Banish Acne Scars.

Banish reached out to me on Instagram a month or so ago, and asked if I wanted to try their product in turn for an honest, true, review. At first, my answer was no, because I didn’t suffer from acne. Why would I need treatment for it? What good would my review be? Then, after researching their company, I discovered they don’t just focus on acne and the scarring it leaves, it focuses on ALL skin issues, and not just at the surface level. Banish’s products cleanse the skin, rejuvenation, hydrate, and FEED. They literally offer food for your best, and its the healthiest of kinds. I accepted the offer, and well, here we are.


What IS Banish?

Banish is a skin care company that was founded by a gorgeous youtuber named Daisy who suffered from acne. As a company, Banish offers organic, freshly and locally made (CA) products for your skin that focus on healing your skin from the inside, out. Banish’s products range from cleaners, to masks, tools, and oils, and are truly magical. Banish is a cruelty-free company and works with charities that provide for animals, and the homeless.



What I received:

Banish put together a starter kit for me that consisted of products I had heard of, but never seen or used before. I received the starter kit that consisted of a Pumpkin Mask, A clay mask, a cool little rollie thing, a small cup, and a little bottle with what appeared to be oil. All of the kit’s contents came in a nice little make-up bag type deal with a sturdy zipper and the company logo on it.


Pumpkin Enzyme Masque

A vegan, organic, and cruelty-free pumpkin mask made up of..well…pumpkin. When you open the jar, you get that lovely fresh pumpkin scent, and while it smells good enough to eat — I don’t recommend it. The mask is a natural exfoliate for your skin without all those harmful chemicals. It’s packed with Vitamin A to help dry out acne, and the natural pumpkin contents will also work on your skin to provide hydration, brighten, and improve your skins elasticity.

I loved this mask so much because it was cooling and I immediately saw the effects of the product after rinsing. My skin was brighter, and it felt much more supple and hydrated. The mask itself is to be left on your face for 10 to 15 minutes, and after the first 5, I experienced a lot of tingling. I was concerned I was allergic to the product at first, but after reading reviews and seeing my skin after, I realized this is normal, as this tingle feeling comes from the Alpha Hydroxy Acids within the pumpkin’s natural contents acting as an exfoliant.




Activated Charcoal Clay Masque

The Activated Charcoal Clay Masque from Banish was one of the best Charcoal masks I have tried, and trust me when I say, I have tried quite a few. I think I liked it so much, because you can create the texture of the mask as you see fit, and use your favorite type of facial liquid to mix in. Because the clay comes in powder form, you can control how much you want to mix, and for how many, and truly have a fresh mask to use each time. On top of that, the add-in possibilities are endless if you like to have your charcoal mask with something else added in, (berries, perhaps?) Personally, I like mixing my clay powder with chilled Almond or Rice milk because it those things are already brightening and cooling. What would you mix in yours?


@banishacnescars Charcoal Clay Masque and Banisher FOR THE WIN! I was a little nervous to try the Banisher because of the needles, but I actually loved it! The Banisher only stinged on certain parts of my forehead and only going in certain directions. There was a little redness after, but after the oil went on, I felt great and saw an immediate change. The clay mask was amazing and really brightens up my skin. Totally obsessed with it all! . Mix the clay powder with your favorite facial liquid and mix into a paste. I applied with a brush but you can use your fingers. The Banisher needs to be soaked in alcohol to sterilize for 5 minutes before each use, roll slowly back and forth vertically and then horizontally to create microscopic punctures, then finish with the banish vitamin oil to replenish and feed your skin! Banish sent me these products complimentary for my honest review and opinions. Full blog review coming soon! Www.kaylamichellemakeup.com . #banish #banishacnescars #minitutorial #tutorials @makeuptutorialsx0x #makeuptutorialsx0x @glowedupgirl #glowedupgirl

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The Banisher

The Banisher is the coolest product I have ever used and that’s surprising to say considering how scared I was to use it. I don’t like needles, not even a little bit, so when I opened the box and saw a roller with what looks like a hundred small needles on it, and the directions say to roll the object on your face, I said NOPE, NOPE, NOPE, and put it back away. It took me a few days (after watching a few youtube videos and reading some reviews to give it a shot, and I determined it’s really not bad at all.

The pure titanium bristles are designed to roll over your face and create microscopic puncture wounds in your skin, which will encourage rapid healing to those areas needed. Places on your face that are duller, or scarred will benefit most from this process, and over time, you will see a change in your skin because of the healing. After using the Banisher, replenish and feed your skin with the Banish face oil. The oil is jam-packed with Vitamin C, E and Ferulic acid oil. The oil is made by the company fresh, every single day.


When using the Banisher, make sure to move in small rolling movements in one direction before changing directions on the same patch of skin. Ensure you lift the Banisher off your face before changing directions to prevent scratching or pulling at your skin.

When I use the Banisher, I get spots that tingle on my face, and redness definitely does occur. While it doesn’t hurt AT ALL, it will tingle for about an hour. Make sure to use the Banish Oil or a Vitamin C serum on your skin to help the skin heal, stay moisturized, and most importantly, to promote the regeneration of your skin by creating a stronger, newer collagen. For more information about how your skin will naturally heal itself from small wounds, check out this article.


So what are your thoughts? Have you used the Banisher or a derma roller? Would you be interested in trying it out? If you’d like to check out Banish, click Here.