Generation Beauty San Francisco led me to a ton of new brands I had never heard of prior to my attending, and/or had never had the opportunity to try out. I had the privilege of meeting a handful of amazing business owners, managers, marketers, and PR/event coordinators and chat about their passions and their personal and brand mission statements. To say that I was educated is an understatement.

I came home with several bags FILLED with products —  both purchased and not, full-sized and samples. But of everything I received, I was most excited to try the Deep Cleansing Oil from DHC. My skin is extremely high-maintenance when it comes to products, and finding a decent makeup remover has been quite the challenge for me over the years.


When I first saw the Deep Cleansing Oil from DHC, I shrugged my shoulders and put the thought of trying it aside thinking to myself, “Product contains oil, immediate nope.” My skin is ALREADY severely oily and adding more oil on top of my oil drenched face never works. At least — I didn’t think it would. The thought of rubbing my face with oil only to wash it off felt like it would be a slippery disaster. Have you tried washing your hands after making greasy tamale masa? Just kidding, don’t answer that.


Here’s the funny thing about oily complexions: they over produce because they need it. Don’t get me wrong, rubbing greasy substances like vegetable and coconut oil on your face is NOT going to give you the results you need and want, but I have learned that combating my oily skin with stripping products and toners actually makes my skin produce MORE oil. On the opposite side, I have learned that using the right facial oils keeps my skin in balance. More on that later – back to the product.


“This is the best stuff in the world!” exclaimed my friend Yola as we approached the DHC booth. I want you to keep in mind, this is from the girl with the softest, clearest skin on the planet. She continues to tell me that she is going to Japan to purchase MORE bottles directly. Okay… lightbulb #1 goes off.

Light bulb #2 hit me when I approached the booth and was able to speak directly with DHC’s brand reps, who, by the way, are the sweetest, most knowledgeable people, like… EVER. I ask one of the gals about the ingredients, and she tells me how olive fruit oil is one of the main ingredients along with rosemary leaf oil. Hmm. No car oil? No Canola? No slimy slippery greasy goo? No slip and slide on my face? All good things. I proceed to do my research and find it has plenty of Vitamin E as well, and what else?A 5 star rating on most of the websites I searched it on. OKAY. Done. I’m trying it.


Honestly, this stuff is amazing. It took about 5 small drops to cleanse my entire 3 layer foundation, primed, powder set, waterproofed, and eyelinered face to a complete clean – and the best thing was that it did not leave a single trace of greasy yuckiness after! No residue either – just nice and beautiful clean skin. Honestly it’s unicorn magic packaged into a little bottle of relief and painless remover. Remember, this is coming from a greaseball face, my lovely reader. It doesn’t take much water to rinse off, and my white towel came out clean after I pat my face with it. I promise, sometimes that doesn’t even happen when I shower my makeup off.


  1. Using DRY hands, pour a few drops into the palm of your hand, and rub them together to activate the oil.
  2. Rub the oil on your DRY dolled up face focusing on concern spots like your eyes and eyebrows if they are on fleek and have loads of product on them. You might need a couple more drops for waterproof makeup spots, but 5 worked for me.
  3. After you see your face start to turn into a watercolor portrait replica with the oil and makeup all blended on your face, (trust me, you will know), rinse it off.
  4. Admire your fresh face in the mirror, and come back and tell me how much you loved the product.

THAT’S IT. Are you convinced? Not yet? Then watch me use this product HERE.

By the way, this post isn’t sponsored by anyone. Even though DHC and I have become besties, they probably aren’t even going to see this post, but if you did and you want to try out this magic, order it here. If you’re a first time customer, you get a sweet deal on their site: half off, and no shipping. I bought another full size bottle yesterday and it was shipped out yesterday afternoon! How’s that for added bonuses?!


What are your thoughts? Have you tried it? Leave me a comment below!