Let me start off by saying that I hate mascara. Yup. It’s true. Not just a little – a LOT. I don’t like it because rarely do I find one that fits my look, needs, curl and volume. My lashes are weird, crooked and straight as a 4×4. More often than not, I go without, simply because its rarely worth the effort to even bother.

Enter The Colossal Big Shot Mascara

I received the Colossal Big Shot Mascara complimentary from Influenster via a VoxBox for review and testing purposes. (I promise, even though it was free, all my opinions are always my own). Whoa, life changer, guys. My only regret is that this bad boy is NOT waterproof. (EDIT: I just found out they have a waterproof version! SQUEE)

On clean, unprimed and uncurled lashes, I applied ONE coat of mascara, and immediately saw a noticeable difference in length thickness, color and texture. The brush bristles handle nicely and using the tip will help to spread your lashes apart. Great Job Maybelline!

On YouTube I did a create a simple office look using the Maybelline Big Shot mascara, so if you’d like to check out how this guy works, watch here: